Privacy Policy

Answers To Following Questions:

  • Will our article and link be live forever on your site? – Yes
  • Will the link be dofollow permanently? – Yes
  • Can you guarantee that the link won’t be marked as rel=”sponsored” or rel=”ugc”? – Yes
  • Will our article be indexed by Google? -Yes
  • Will our article be marked in any way (such as “Guest Article” or “Sponsored Article”, etc.)? – No
  • Do you accept payments via PayPal? -Yes
  • Do you have any content requirements? – No Porn, No Adult content, 500+ Word count, No Link in 1st Para
  • Can provide the written content? – Yes, Extra 50$/Article will be charged for content writing service.
  • What will be the TAT (turn Around Time)? – 48Hrs.
  • Max ourgoing links – 3, 20$ extra for each extra link
  • Do you allow CBD, Kratom, Casino, Crypto, Forex, Gambling, Betting, Dating Yes but on different sites with extra charge

About Return amount ( No return . We can replace the link only )